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When eBay first entered the Indian market, it took everyone by storm.  Many years since, online shopping has now become a common feature in every household. People can now buy everything right from hot meals, flowers, clothes, electronics, books and even holiday packages online. Net and mobile banking has made mobilization of funds easy, ensuring we can shop at any time and any place. A number of luxury brands haven chosen to open estores which allow customers from all over the world to purchase their products. In today’s highly competitive environment, Fashionandyou has been a success both in the eyes of critics as well as consumers.

I first heard about Fashionandyou when I was at lunch with a few friends of mine. My friend was talking about how she has recently purchased an expensive designer bag for mother through the website. She was so happy with their service that since then she had placed four more orders and received all successfully. A couple of other friends also had similar things to say. Being a shopaholic myself I decided to see for myself what the fuss was about. The website turned out to be a delightful surprise for me.  I was blown away by their extensive product listing; there were so many things to choose from. They have an extensive list of clothes, fragrances, watches, footwear for men, women and children as well as home décor. Their site is easy to navigate unlike other sites indulging in the same business, and I was able to find what I wanted in very little time. Apart from the shopping there were a lot of interesting things like their fashion and you blog and style guide to browse through.

Since I went through a friend referral my friend received an Rs.1000/- voucher while I received a RS.250/- voucher on registering. The prices for most items were heavily discounted which tempted me to buy more than how much I needed. Each product is displayed well and all its features are dully listed which helped me in making an informed choice. I found shopping at this website very convenient as I was able to find a gift for my mother, father and younger brother here, something I didn’t think was possible.  I have always been apprehensive about shopping online for the fear for online theft; however they gave me several options for methods of payment. I chose the option of payment by card on delivery because I had ordered an expensive perfume and didn’t want to risk such a large amount through an online transaction. I was pleasantly surprised with their prompt delivery and ease at which I could complete the payment process.

Although the vouchers were a bit of a trouble, my experience with Fashionandyou has been on the whole delightful.  Their wide range of brands allowed me to purchase a pair of glasses by a brand that’s not available in local stores. Its added features are a fresh change and kept me hooked onto the site for much longer than I expected to. Fashionandyou gave me the feeling of actually being in a shopping mall at the comfort of my own home. I was able to browse through hundreds of products in a short span of time, something I couldn’t have possible done in an actual mall. They had everything I wanted as well as so much more. 






Fashionandyou - 2 Years and Numero Uno already

Online portals have never really moved the audience or proved to be significant especially in the previous decade. Shopping at retail stores and malls has always been the preferred mode considering the family going out on weekends for leisure and entertainment. But the hectic work schedule and tiring lifestyle has resulted in more people opting for online shopping. Also, online shopping gives the comfort of shopping from home unlike in malls where sometimes you end up buying nothing despite shopping for hours. Online shopping saves time as well to a great extent. In India, there have been many portals that have been started recently and have managed to gain a good member base but the one portal that has excelled immensely especially when it comes to apparel shopping, it has to be Fashionandyou. The portal within just 2 years of its initiation has already managed an amazing member base with more members joining every day. There are many reasons for the imminent success of Fashion&You in such a short period of time.  

FashionandYou as a portal is prominent and known for selling classy and luxurious apparels and fashionable accessories at a minimal price possible. Most of the brands that are up for sale at FashionnYou are actual designer and luxurious brands that are renowned worldwide. The main reason why people have been smitten by FashionandYou is because the portal offers discounts of upto 80% on its products making it one of its finest USPs. Also, at Fashionnyou it’s not just apparels but many other types of products from watches to jewelleries to fragrance as well with most of them being offered at an extremely affordable price.  Fashion&you has indeed let people get hooked on to the online shopping trend which never existed 5 years ago. Today, every person whether young or old, loves to shop online at an affordable price. FashionandYou has also let people decorate their home with ease and finesse as it has forayed into home decors and furniture as well and has also opened subsidiary portals (dealsandyou) to infuse more online traffic it generates everyday. The speedy and accurate delivery system of Fashion and You allows the brand to create more interest amidst users and faith in the brand altogether.

FashionandYou has garnered a lot of members and built a significant trust amongst those members today. It is mostly because they have lived up to everything that they promised. Right from showcasing and displaying authentic products which remain authentic even on arrival to a speedy delivery which ensures the members get their products at a faster pace. It also maintains an efficient blog and is extremely active on several social networking forums to avail positive or negative feedbacks from users and give them insights on proper and affordable purchases. FashionandYou as a portal today has definitely succeeded and bought a change in the mindset of people when it comes to online shopping for apparels. Women have always loved to feel and see the apparel before buying but the trend is slowly depleting thanks to Fashion and You!







Review on Fashion and you is a invitation only club

What is invitation only club?

Fashion is a broad term for a popular style, practice, especially in clothing, foot wear and accessories. Fashion references to anything that is the existing trend in look and dress up of a person. The prevalent style in behavior as well. Fashion for today’s people is very important as it provides the sense of fitting inn and boosts confidence. Fashion is also a reflection of oneself and what kind of person they are. Even though you may have an excellent career, people may be distrustful of your ability if you look shabby. It's only human nature for people to judge others by their appearance, and one’s clothing is a dynamic element of that.Fashion is significant because it allows people to project the image that they want others to see. Even though people may object and tell others "not to judge a book by its cover," first impressions are everything.


Your wardrobe may not only have an impact on your professional life, but your personal life as well. If you are in the dating scene, you want to look your best and a part of that is by dressing suitably. Fashion is a very important part of everyone’s life and thus its soo in demand. In today age of technology people have evolved to a newer level towards fashion and its post process. With the web quickly becoming everybody's favorite medium of shopping, online retailers are offering more perks, such as the in the forms of discount coupons and various other ways. There are numerous online shopping websites present and functioning today. Among the lot there is a unique site that I personally prefer; the


How works?

Fashion and You is a private invitation only shopping club, based in Gurgaon, India. It was founded by Harish Bahl and Pearl Uppal in November, 2009. Fashion and You is a private invitation only shopping club that features collections by top designers for men, women and children for up to 80% off on retail prices. Fashion and You acquires authentic designer products straight from the brand and provides it exclusively to its members through limited-time dealings.


The procedure of the website is fairly simple; it gains paces through heavy online advertising or through personal referrals. Fashion and You stocks and sells merchandises of various makes. Most of the products are at highly discounted prices which are extremely tempting to the shoppers. Fashion and you the website is very pleasing and fun for an online shopper. It is not drab or dull like many other online shopping websites. In fact it is really flamboyant and enthralling for many online shoppers, hence they feel an impulse to shop at Fashion and You. The customer care is available on the phone Monday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. You can get through them easily and most of your queries will be solved. Where ever online purchasing is concerned, it is good to have someone you can speak to. Granted that many a times the customer care executive is clueless about a certain product but it is to be expected. When a company is sporting hundreds of products an executive cannot know about all of them. But they are genuinely helpful. The delivery service is prompt and efficient.


Fashion and You is India’s leading online shopping club has been felicitated with “Star Retailer Debutant Award 2010” in the award ceremony held by Franchise India on December 12, 2010 in New Delhi. 
The Star Retailer Awards are the most prestigious awards that recognize excellence in Retailing & Retail Supply.  Fashion and you is probably the best portal online with the best deals and fashion and you reviews have been fantastic. 







Fashion and you complaints is a negative marketing strategy by competitors

If your style is simple and casual, classy and elegant or even highly glamorous, you will find the most appropriate options that suits you just right. There are numerous options available in today’s time to fulfill ones needs of being a part of the fashion business. You can walk into many shops and boutiques that showcase fashionable and chick apparels and accessories or simply browse the web and click few buttons and satisfy ones fashion hunger. There are several online portals that cater to the fashion needs of individuals.


Fashion and You is the epitome of online shopping, here luxury is available at members only exclusive prices, hand picked brands, labels from across the world and drool-worthy products. The product showcased ranges from Luxury footwear, bags, designer apparel, fragrances and much more. With a fan base of over 2 million shopaholics, Fashion and you is easily India’s leading online shopping portal. In the second year of its business operations, Fashion and You is fabulous. The company has boggled the minds of India’s shopaholic masses and raised a storm in E-shopping revolution.


Fashion and You has been particularly ok in terms of consumer satisfaction and delivery. Rest the quality and the promise of giving you nothing but the best makes the portal really popular. The company is new and there are minor glitches that pop up every now and then, but on a whole, Fashion and You has done a commendable job and provided people a new shopping experience.


Fashion and You has also been extraordinary in terms of constantly giving the shoppers something new and innovative. Be it their contests, excellent prizes and a charged up approach to online shopping. Fashion and You believes that the consumer is what matters, and they go out of their way to make the consumer feel extra special. It is a great endeavor and we hope Fashion and you remain on the top of the E-shopping bizz and the company reaches new plains of success.





Fashion and you scam reports have no truth in them

Advancement of technology has helped people in a number of ways and everybody and simply benefitted because of the different ways in which technology has made its presence felt in the world today. Among many other things, this has led to numerous online stores coming up that makes it simpler for people to pick up all that they want. It is highly beneficial in times when people have become exceedingly busy and find no time to go out and shop. With online stores one can sit anywhere and depending on their comfort and need, they can click a few buttons and look at the stuff available on these stores and pick what they like best. One of the most popular online stores is fashion and you and in spite of this there are fashion and you scam reports doing the rounds. But are these reliable?


Fashion and you scam is nothing but a marketing strategy that is used by numerous other rival stores that want to become as popular as fashion and you is. They understand that by spreading scam reports, people will think twice before picking up stuff from fashion and you and might choose to pick up their goods and commodities from the rival stores instead. These reports should be ignored and not paid any heed to. If these reports had any truth in it, fashion and you wouldn’t have been the best and the most popular online store with the maximum number of clients. One should thus take these things into account before simply and blindly believing these reports.


Fashion and you scam reports generally state that the goods ordered didn’t reach the client within the stipulated two weeks period. But here, one needs to understand that it isn’t the fault of the store if one hasn’t received their delivery because they ensure that the shipment takes place well in advance so that the client doesn’t suffer at all. It is the fault of the courier service company and the clients should get in touch with them and request them to ensure that they receive all that they want on time and without delay to avoid problems in the future.





Do not blindly believe reports indicating Fashion and You Complaints

Fashion and You Complaints

Online shopping is the new way to shop and has taken the world by storm. Indian’s too are now willing to change their outlook towards online shopping and are moving away from the ‘Touch and Feel’ methods of shopping. Fashion and You is India’s leading luxury shopping portal, where luxury is only a click away. But one must understand that while catering to a large demographic it isn’t uncommon to find people who talk about Fashion and You Complaints. But what one must understand is that out of the two million member base, there will always be that one Incorrigible, unreasonable report of someone talking about Fashion and You complaints. But one should not believe these complaints blindly, unless one has experienced something like this, themselves.

Fashion and You Complaints  have no real truth and one can simple ignore these complaints, if these complaints were true, then Fashion and You would not be growing at the pace that it is, be it the 2 million and growing member base, the increase in sales that go online and a winner of many awards in the online space.

Fashion and You Complaints reports are most times talking about delay in delivery and cancellation of products without prior notice. However such a reputed company cannot be at fault of disappointing their customers, especially with the inclusion of express sales, all Fashion and You products are dispatched well in advance. It could be the courier company’s fault, where in they do not deliver on time. Fashion and You is the Mecca of Online Shopping and is the perfect way to shop sitting in the comfort of your home. They sell the best in luxury brands, hand selected styles and is the perfect place for someone who loves to shop.